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My Mares

I believe that good broodmares are the bedrock of any breeding operation. I have searched and continue to search the United States for mares and have selected 3 of the best I could find -- producers of sound, colorful foals with athletic ability and nice dispositions.

Secretary Sez Encore
ApHC 552238 83%FPD
FAHR 651

Secretary Sez Encore - ApHC 552238 83%FPD

At 16 hands and powerfully-built, the 83% foundation mare, Secretary is great-great granddaughter to the Triple Crown-winning racehorse, Secretariat. She is also great-great granddaughter to Joker B. (see Appaloosa Horse Club Hall of Fame).

Once off the track, the super horse, Secretariat, was having difficulty breeding, probably due to the many hormones used in his career. In desperation, he was introduced to an Appaloosa nurse mare, Leola T-13278, owned by the manager of Kentucky's Claiborne Farm. Secretariat was able to breed Leola successfully. The Thoroughbred world was thrown into shock with the prospect of Secretariat's first foal to be outside his breed. Appaloosa breeders rejoiced, however, that their mare had saved the day. Leola was no ordinary mare, who, in her day, sold for a record price in Texas. The resulting colt, First Secretary, a beautiful chestnut with a big white blanket and 3 white stockings, was foaled in November of 1974. Lifetime breedings to First Secretary were sold at $15,000 each and his first crop of foals did well at the track - all 5 starters finished in the money and 3 were winners, including Bold Centurian, a four-length winner at Fresno. It was also well-known that First Secretary produced foals that were easy to live with.

Secretary Sez Encore is a breathtaking blue roan with the identical markings of Secretariat on her head and rear leg. She is a strong, swift runner and conformationally correct. I jumped her easily over 2'6" rails when I first purchased her. She will produce many fine hunter/jumper prospects. Click for Pedigree.

R Fourmiles Sundance
APHC 552275 90% FPD
FAHR 649

Fourmile in Foal for 2005
R Fourmiles Sundance - APHC 552275 90% FPD

R Fourmiles Sundance - APHC 552275 90% FPD

Fourmile, as we call her, is a powerfully-built, 90% foundation mare and granddaughter of Chief of Fourmile F-2219 (see Appaloosa Horse Club Hall of Fame). She is also great-granddaughter to the Thoroughbred Piccolo who beat Seabiscuit in two races. She goes back to Patchy F-416 (see Appaloosa Horse Club Hall of Fame) twice, is great-great granddaughter to Red Eagle F-206 (see Appaloosa Horse Club Hall of Fame), foaled by Claude Thompson, founder of the Appaloosa Horse Club. She is the only horse I've found who goes back to the famous Rex, a wonderful old rodeo Appaloosa that was never registered.

One look at Fourmile and you will be convinced of her strong, balanced conformation and sure-footed athletic ability. She has heart and a nice disposition and has been able to pass it on to her foals. She could carry any rider over the toughest terrain in safety and is what comes to mind when you imagine the class of Nez Perce horse that the cavalry could never catch. Fourmile is a rich bay color and has the classic white blanket of both Patchy and Chief of Fourmile that has become an icon of the Appaloosa breed. It was Fourmile I had in mind when I designed our logo. Click for Pedigree.

ApHC 503769

Kandoo open for a 2006 foal
Kandoo open for a 2006 foal

Kandoo, as we call her, is a chestnut/sorrel spotted broodmare who has produced exceptional foals - I had the privilege of owning one, a magnificent black gelding by Lightnin'. Kandoo goes back to Mansfield's Comanche (see Appaloosa Horse Club Hall of Fame) twice, sire of the great Double Six Domino and High Spot F-3559, halter-winner at the prestigious Fort Worth Livestock Show. She is more refined in conformation than Secretary or Fourmile and is as balanced and correct. Her foals that I have seen have moved well and could have excelled in reining, cutting, western pleasure or hunter/jumper disciplines as well as halter. Click for Pedigree.

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