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Appaloosas for Polo

" Since Rudyard Kipling's 'Maltese Cat', the sport of polo demands much of a horse. A polo mount must be quick, sure-footed, tractable, and able to stop, turn and accelerate quickly. The swinging of mallets must not distract him and he must not be intimidated by the other player's horses as contact, often at speed, is part of the game."

"Appaloosas' light frames and agility make them ideally suited for polo. Their determination and high intelligence enable them to learn the game quickly. I took up polo at age 53 with two Foundation Appaloosas who had never before played and, after 4 months of weekly play, both horses have become excellent polo mounts. The key to "making" your Appaloosa into a polo pony is to let them learn to love the game. In the initial stages, it is important to "play for the horse" and not put the emphasis on perfect play or winning. Once your Appaloosa discovers how much fun polo is he'll be as excited to get out on the field as you are!"

For serious inquiry about my foals as polo prospects please email

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